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Public Reminder: PARKING & TRAFFIC

Posted: Feb 11, 2021
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Public Reminder

Pursuant to By-Law 2020-52, being a By-Law to Regulate Parking and Traffic in the Township of Chapleau, please note the following updates in the attached diagram. A copy of the By-Law can be found online at

Time Limit: On-street parking in the Downtown Core (Birch, Beech, Lorne and Young) is limited to 2 hours and new signs will be posted early in the New Year with enforcement to follow.
Transit Bus Parking: The transit-bus parking spot on Birch Street outside the Post Office has been removed. Effective immediately, this location is no longer restricted.
Accessible Parking: Two new accessible parking spots have been created in the Downtown Core to assist those with mobility challenges in accessing local businesses. A valid and properly displayed accessible parking permit allows people to park in these spaces. The penalty for parking in these locations without a valid permit is $300.

Please contact the undersigned for further information Alvin Brown, By-Law Enforcement Officer 705-864-1330 [email protected]


PUBLIC NOTICE 2020-52 Parking and Traffic
PUBLIC NOTICE 2020-52 Parking and Traffic_FR

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