Township of Chapleau


The Chapleau airport is Transport Canada certified with an Airport Safety Management System in place. With two intersecting runways, wind direction is not an issue for pilots.

Available for use 365 days a year with a fully automated remote controlled lighting system (Arcal) our 4,000 and 5,000 foot paved runways make us an excellent local and cross country fuelling location. 

Mobile Jet A1 refueler, cabinet supplied 100L gas. The airport is also designated as one of the Ministry of Natural Resources' Strategic Forest Fire Water Bomber base of operation and utilized by Orange Air Ambulance.

Operated by the Township of Chapleau with winter and summer hour staffing, terminal building with washrooms and flight planning area and NAV Canada staffed weather station. 

The airport is a short distance from downtown Chapleau and is an excellent location for fly-ins and flight training. We encourage readers to refer to the Canadian Flight Supplement for more details.