Township of Chapleau


Municipal Parks

Chapleau has a number of municipal parks. These parks provide a place for adults to relax and kids to play.

Louis Dubé Peace Park

Come sit, relax and enjoy.
Our Peace Park is aSunset in peace park with flowersn ideal spot to picnic, stretch your legs after a day on the road, or after your walk on the Levesque Trail. Our park is equipped with picnic tables and benches and a northern forest setting overlooking the Nebsquashi River.

The Peace Park was dedicated in honor of the Peacekeeping Movement in Ottawa, on October 8th, 1992. Hundreds of communities across Canada dedicated an existing park as a Peace Park. At the celebration, local youth groups in this park planted 12 trees. The 12 trees represent our provinces and territories as well as symbolizing the life, creativity and hope for the future that shall thrive in peace.

In 2015, the Peace Park was renamed to honour Louis Dubé who has volunteered countless hours looking after and maintaining the park over the years.


The Kebsquashing River mwaterfront parkeanders through the town with docking facilities along the shoreline, an excellent beachfront for our swimmers.

After you have enjoyed our beachfront take a brisk walk on our walkway leading to the brightly-lit Rotary Pavillion.

In 2017 a revitalization project completed, adding new features to the waterfront including a splash pad, extended docks, play structures, and an improved beach area.


waterfront park sidewalkwaterfront park splashpad

Grinton & Jacquislain Park

Each park has picnic tables and garbage receptacles for an enjoyable meal setting. Bring the kids and a snack and enjoy what our Municipal parks have to offer.


Jacquislain park slides

Grinton Park Slides



Richard & Demers Street

Chapleau, Ontario

 4 Maple Street

Chapleau, Ontario


Provincial Parks

The Chapleau area has multiple provincial parks to choose from for your camping vacation.

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Borden Lake Campground

Peace ParkBorden Lake Campground is a not-for-profit campground operated by the Borden Lake Campers Association (BLCA). The Campground is comprised of 38 seasonal lots and 3 transient/overnight lots. There are numerous cottages surrounding the lake as well as a Lodge.

Borden Lake is a spring-fed lake over 12 miles long and up to 200 feet deep. There is 78 miles of shoreline with 87 islands. The base of the lake is Canadian Shield Rock, which supplies the water with the right combination of minerals such as Calcium and Mica to sustain incredible populations of fish.

Lakes with low Calcium produce less fish. Being spring-fed has also protected the lake from global pollution. Our lake and the neighboring lakes offer trophy walleye, pike, lake trout, brook trout and bass fishing at its best.

If you require further information please send us a written request at:

Borden Lake Camper's Association
P.O. Box 1750
Chapleau, ON
P0M 1K0

Racine Lake Campground

Racine Lake Campground

Racine Lake Campground, located in the world's largest game preserve and is home to excellent walleye and pike fishing. The campground is located on beautiful sand beach lots and has lots of fun activities to take part in including swimming and wildlife viewing.