Township of Chapleau


Administration CAO

The Township of Chapleau administration, lead by the Chief Administrative Officer, with the assistance of a Treasurer, Accountant and Receptionist, manages a host of responsibilities related to General Government, Protection to Persons and Property, Transportation Services, Environmental Services, Health Services, Social and Family Services, Leisure and Culture Services, Planning and Economic Development. Within this administrative framework, Chapleau maintains a small, safe, clean community environment for its families and tourists, along with being a model community for industry and environment working together. Chapleau's main industries are rail transportation, forestry and tourism.

Chapleau supports a high technology environment with a quality of life we all look for. Fibre optic cable is available to individual home owners. Wireless access is available at the Township's Civic Center.


The Chapleau airport is Transport Canada certified with an Airport Safety Management System in place. With two intersecting runways, wind direction is not an issue for pilots.

Available for use 365 days a year with a fully automated remote controlled lighting system (Arcal) our 4,000 and 5,000 foot paved runways make us an excellent local and cross country fuelling location. 

Mobile Jet A1 refueler, cabinet supplied 100L gas. The airport is also designated as one of the Ministry of Natural Resources' Strategic Forest Fire Water Bomber base of operation and utilized by Orange Air Ambulance.

Operated by the Township of Chapleau with winter and summer hour staffing, terminal building with washrooms and flight planning area and NAV Canada staffed weather station. 

The airport is a short distance from downtown Chapleau and is an excellent location for fly-ins and flight training.

We encourage readers to refer to the Canadian Flight Supplement for more details. 


The Township's Building Department, through the Chief Building Official, is responsible for enforcing the Ontario Building Code. This is accomplished through the review of building permit applications, issuance of building permits and follow up inspections. 

This department also issues building demolition permits and works with the Fire Department to ensure compliance with the Fire Code. In addition to the above, the building department is responsible for the enforcement of the Township's Maintenance Occupancy Standards By-law. 

The Township's in house policy encourages the continual and ongoing inspection of properties to ensure that violations are kept to a manageable level thereby keeping the Community a safe, clean, good looking place where citizens are proud of their property and willing to continue to reinvest.  This policy helps to maintain real estate values for every taxpayer. Building permit applications are available online.

If you are considering installing a shipping container on your property, please review this document which describes the Township's policies and the required application process.

Economic Development

Chapleau's Economic Development department is responsible for facilitating community and economic development, which includes the implementation of the current Economic Development Strategic Plan.  

The Economic Development Department operates out of the Chapleau Civic Centre located at 20 Pince Street West.


The Finance Department is responsible for the administration of the municipality's financial affairs. In this role we provide support services to Council and each of the other departments which operate within the municipality. The department's activities are governed by a variety of federal, provincial and municipal policies and guidelines.

Administrative support provided to Council and other departments involves the processing of payroll, accounts payable, invoicing and collections associated with property taxation and various municipal user fees including water and wastewater, budget preparation and reporting as well as responsibility for annual audit and related reports. We also prepare and file a variety of financial claims and reports associated with programs and projects for which the municipality receives funding from outside sources.

The department is also responsible for the administration of the municipality's group benefits and pension plans as well as municipal investments, trust accounts and banking relationships. 


The Chapleau Volunteer Fire Department, lead by the Fire Chief consists of 25 volunteers and 4 auxillary members. The department is responsible for carrying out the Township's core fire services including exterior fire fighting, limited interior fire fighting, shore based water rescue, fire prevention, community education and auto extrication.

The department responds to taxpayer's fire calls as well as calls related to fire protection agreements outside the corporate limits. In addition, the department responds to requests for assistance when the local EMS staff are over taxed as well as mutual aid calls. Calls are generated through Bell's 9-1-1 system and passed on to individual fire fighters through the Township's paging system. The department has 3 fully equipped pumpers, salvage truck, rescue vehicle and communication vehicle, stationed at the Civic Center Fire Hall.

Application for Volunteer Firefighter

Recruitment Policy


The Township's Planning Department is the responsibility of the Chief Administrative Officer. The professional services of a Planner are out-sourced as needed. 

The Township has an approved Official Plan and an approved Comprehensive Zoning By-Law. The Township has the authority to approve amendments to its Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning By-Law, to grant consents to sever land and to grant minor variances in accordance with regulations under the Planning Act. The Planning Department is also responsible for zoning searches, subdivision agreements and plans of subdivision.  

Public Works

The Public Works Department, led by the Public Works Superintendent consists of 7 unionized employees, responsible for carrying out numerous services including refuse collection, landfill site waste management, residential second pick up, road and sidewalk maintenance, storm water system maintenance, water works distribution system maintenance, sanitary sewer collection system maintenance, bridge and culvert maintenance, road and sidewalk snow removal, street sweeping and equipment maintenance. 

This department is also called upon to perform sanitary sewer and drinking water service connection maintenance on private property, as there is a shortage of this type of service in the private sector. Other services perform by the department include Cemetery internments, assisting other Township departments where heavy equipment and sufficient manpower is required and performing fee for service work such as parking lot sweeping. The Public Works department operates out of the Public Works Department maintenance garage. 


The Recreation Department, led by the Leisure and Culture Services Director consist of three unionized employees and several part time employees. This department is responsible for the beautification and maintenance of two playgrounds, Peace Park, waterfront beach area, boat launch areas and the Museum grounds. 

We have a Recreation Facility that consists of an ice rink, community hall, curling lounge and curling rink. The building has over 25,000 square feet of flexible exhibit and meeting space. Our dedicated team and advanced technology facilities will make your event for groups of five to one thousand a truly memorable one.

The Recreation Department operates out of the Chapleau Recreation Centre located at 4 Maple Street and can be reached at 705-864-0154.