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Museum & Steam Engine

Chapleau Centennial Museum/ Tourist Information Centre

Hours of Operation
July 2nd to August 30th :
Open 7 days a week: 9AM - 5PM

Located at 94 Monk Street

Residents and tourists can visit the Chapleau Museum and Tourist Information Centre in Centennial Park for exhibitions and monuments celebrating our Township's railroading past and to commemorate historical figures that have helped shape our heritage.

See the following features:

Iron Horse #5433
Railroader's Monument
Louis Hemon Monuments
Monument by Landsfield & Fletcher
Centennial Tribute Flags

Iron Horse #5433

Steam engine Iron Horse #5433 is a testament to Chapleau's railroading past. The steam engine weighs 275 tons, measures 95 feet long, and hauled 1900 tons in its prime. Through the generosity of Arthur and Nettie Grout, the steam engine was placed in Centennial park in 1964. A building had to be demolished, and a special track built across from the roadhouse's main line so the engine could be pushed across by a diesel to its new location.

Railroader's Monument

Stroll along the flagstone path through the park to a granite monument dedicated to the memory of all railroaders who lost their lives on duty between Cartier and White River, from 1887 to the present day.

Louis Hemon Monuments

Louis Hemon, the noted novelist of Maria Chapdelaine, died on July 8th, 1913 and is buried in Chapleau's Roman Catholic Cemetery. Two monuments in Centennial Park commemorate Hemon as well as a metal plaque by the Archaeological and Historic Sites Board of Ontario. Following the path through the park, you will see the second Hemon monument, unveiled on June 12, 1938, dedicated by La Societe des Amis de Marie Chapledelaine 1937.

Models of Local LandmarksAnglican Church model

The Chapleau Museum also features scale models of several local landmarks including St. John's Anglican Church, the Horshoe Bridge, the CP Rail turntable, and the Chapleau Public School. These meticulously designed structures were handmade and donated to the museum. More information is available through the Chapleau Library archives

Honourable Lester B. Pearson Footprints

A cement impression of the footprints of the Right Honourable Lester B. Pearson is just past the museum. He was the first Prime Minister to come to Chapleau, visiting on August 20, 1963.

Monument by Landsfield & Fletcher

A monument created by Jim Landsfield, with metal work by Reg Fletcher, was placed on site on Canada's 125th birthday. Comprised of rocks, rails and lumber, the design represents Chapleau's three linguistic groups: Native, French and English. The rails form a triangle overhead illustrating how the three are brought together, and the impact of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Three faces carved in a 230-year old white pine log represent the once thriving lumber industry.

Centennial Tribute Flags

Along Monk Street are 12 flagpoles, each bearing the flag of a Canadian province or territory, as part of the Centennial tribute. Continue back along the other side of the building, and you will come to the original park fountain, erected in 1964.


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