Township of Chapleau

Chapleau Murals

The Mural Project was completed in 2001 to commemorate Chapleau's 100th birthday.

During a two-year span (2000-2001), the community of Chapleau invested over $100,000 in the creation of ten murals and two exterior sculptures showcasing the historical attributes and cultural wealth of the community.

The many public murals and paintings are products of a community rich heritage and tradition.

See the Chapleau Murals. (gallery)

 Mural  Title  Description
 Thumbnail of A Treasure to Explore A Treasure to Explore by Normand Fortin Sky, rocks, water, trees and wildlife are combined in this architectural sculpture. The rose and gold of a Chapleau sunset light the shoreline, while birds fly overhead and walleye lurk in the cool depths.
 Thumbnail of Heritage Our Industries - A Proud Heritage by Normand Fortin A tower of steel rails reminds us of Chapleau's place in railroad history. Linking the rails are cast cement panels, each side of the sculpture a series of "snapshots" hinting at our founding industries. Can you identify the sawmill equipment? Parts of a steam locomotive?
 Thumbnail of Wealth of Cultral Heritage A Wealth of Cultural Heritage by Ted Castilloux Three interlocked circles portray the linked heritage of Chapleau's founding peoples, as expressed in music. The lower left shows native dancers performing the Jingle Dress dance, a ceremony of prayer for healing. In the lower right circle, A French-Canadian fiddler plays a traditional reel while couples dance joyfully around him. Above, the Chapleau Town Band has been part of community celebrations of civic and national pride since the turn of the 20th century.
 Thumbnail of Notable Partner A Notable Partner Through Time by Michael O'Connor Although traders and travellers passed through our area for centuries, the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway brought a permanent settlement. A divisional point since the days of steam, Chapleau continues to be important in the high-tech railroad industry.
 Thumbnail of Heritage Carved in Lumber A Heritage Carved in Lumber by Michael O'Connor A team of Belgian horses, their breath steaming, bring pine logs out of the bush. The winter haul was a time of danger, hardship, and triumph for lumberjacks, teamsters, and their horses
 Thumbnail of Hero's Our Local Heroes by Mary Weymark Goss They may drive ambulances, fly search planes, fight fires, keep watch for crime, or co-ordinate rescue efforts, Chapleau's First Response teams protect citizens in emergencies of many kinds, often at the risk of their own lives and safety.
 Thumbnail of Woman as Caretaker Woman as Caretaker by Mary Weymark Goss A series of figures depicts the contribution of women in every aspect of the town's life. Connections between the community groups, concern for the environment in scenes including air and water, animals, and plants; care of families in their different generations and spiritual values are shown in a symbolic style
 Thumbnail of General Store Small 1913 General Store by Bonnie Ivey Customers are purchasing tools for a trip into the bush, and sewing materials for a summer wedding, and looking eagerly at toys. Chapleau banners are for the tourists. Hammocks and sports equipment hint a summer s golden leisure hours
 Thumbnail of Flyer Old-Time Fly-In Service by Bonnie Ivey The bush pilot keeps a close watch for the build-up of storm clouds as he ferries people to a remote fishing camp. For 50 years his de Haviland Beaver has been a reliable workhorse of the sky, serving in recreation, routine transport, and emergencies.
 Thumbnail of Shoreline Small Shoreline Gathering by Bonnie Ivey Fish-hunter gather at the water's edge: Eagle, Kingfisher, Loon, Heron. Below, predatory fish wait to snap up minnows. The Bear has startled the Moose and Beaver, but now gazes in surprise at an intruder - You! Can you find 12 kinds of creatures here?
 Thunbnail of Spirits Spirits of the North by Vikki Meyer Burkholder The sun sets like a fiery jewel in the silent winter evening. Suddenly the wolves burst into the clearing, scattering snow as they set out for the hunt.

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