Township of Chapleau

Arts & Culture

The beauty of nature and the Chapleau Crown GameImage of wolves running in winter. Preserve serve
as inspiration to many Chapleau-based artists and authors.

  • Chapleau Arts & Crafts Industry
  • Union culturelle des franco-ontariennes UCFO
  • Pow Wows - Traditional Gatherings of Chapleau's First Nations
  • Chapleau Murals

Chapleau Arts & Crafts Industry

Many unique items are made by local artisans and craftspeople, from carved antlers and wood sculptures, traditional French Canadian weaving and purses made from reclaimed fabrics, to prints, paintings, and photographs of the Chapleau area.

See Artisans in our Business Directory to find goods made in Chapleau.

Chapleau Fall Fair

Showcasing local crafts from talented individuals and groups in the area, Chapleau's Arts & Crafts Fall Fair has been an annual event since 1972, attracting visitors each year from Chapleau and various other communities.

Featured items for sale include woodworking, stained glass, ceramics, knitting and crochet, weaving and various other handmade arts and crafts.

Pow Wows - Traditional Gatherings of Chapleau's First Nations

Pow WowIn the summer months, the Chapleau area First Nations hold annual community celebrations.

For more information on upcoming events, please refer to the following websites:

Chapleau Cree First Nation

Chapleau Ojibwe First Nation

Brunswick House First Nation


Chapleau Murals

The Chapleau Mural Project was completed in 2001 to commemorate Chapleau's 100th birthday.

During a two-year span (2000-2001), the community of Chapleau invested over $100,000 in the creation of ten murals and two exterior sculptures showcasing the historical attributes and cultural wealth of the community.

The many public murals and paintings are products of a community rich heritage and tradition.


Union culturelle des franco-ontariennes (UCFO) is a prominent Francophone cultural organization in Chapleau.The UCFO is home to Chapleau's Francophone weavers that produce sought-after handmade goods. They are located in the basement of the Post Office at the corner of Birch and Lorne Street. Feel free to stop in and see what these skilled ladies have produced!