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Press Release: Hydro One Acquires Chapleau PUC

Posted: Nov 08, 2023

Dear Chapleau residents and businesses,

We are pleased to let you know that we have reached an agreement for Hydro One to acquire Chapleau Hydro’s electricity distribution business. This means that Hydro One, pending independent regulatory approval from the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), will soon serve electricity customers in the Township of Chapleau.

In May 2023, due to staffing shortages at Chapleau Hydro, the OEB issued Hydro One an interim license to operate the distribution system of Chapleau Hydro for six months while Chapleau Hydro and the Township considered alternatives for the electricity distribution business. Significant investment and modernization are required within the local electricity system at a rate and pace that is unaffordable for us as a small community.

This agreement represents incredible promise and tremendous benefit to the hardworking people of Chapleau. With local Hydro One presence in the Township, available 24/7, we expect all customers in the Chapleau and surrounding areas will experience service improvements. Proceeds from the sale are expected to be used to invest in critical core community services including the Township’s water plant, fire services and airport.

Hydro One is thrilled to join the Chapleau community and looks forward to being a meaningful and proud community partner. Through this long-term partnership with the community, Hydro One will bring modern tools to better serve valued customers, including online billing and account management, online outage maps, and modern system monitoring. Their passionate and dedicated team understands the importance of connecting and supporting families, businesses, and communities, and look forward to showing you the benefits of being a Hydro One customer. 

There are no immediate changes to your electricity service or the rates you pay. You’ll continue to receive your electricity bill from Chapleau Hydro until after the OEB approves the acquisition. If you have any service requests, billing inquiries, or need to report an outage, please continue to call Chapleau Hydro at 705.864.0111.

The approval of the agreement is conditional upon the independent review of the OEB. Hydro One intends to file an application with the OEB by the end of 2023 for approval of the acquisition.  In the meantime, should you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us at Mayor Bignucolo at
705-864-5050. Thank you for your attention to this exciting news!


Ryan Bignucolo                                 Al Morin                                              Ted Lyberogiannis

Mayor, Township of Chapleau          Board Chair, Chapleau Public             General Manager, Chapleau

Utilities Corporation                           Public Utilities Corporation

                                                            and Hydro One Inc


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