Township of Chapleau
Notice of Traffic and Parking By-Law
Notice of Traffic and Parking By-Law
Posted: Dec 17, 2019
Notice of Parking and Traffic By-Law The Township of Chapleau's Parking and Traffic regulations help to ensure the safety of our roadways and walkways. By-Law 2020-52 has been enacted to update and consolidate municipal traffic regulations, a copy of which can be found online at Key By-Law Revisions: Time Limit: On-street parking in the Downtown Core (Birch, Beech, Lorne and Young) is limited to 2 hours and new signs will be posted early in the New Year with enforcement to ...
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Notice to Residents: Dog Owners
Notice to Residents: Dog Owners
Posted: Dec 05, 2019
Notice to Residents Council encourages walking as a healthy life style and looks forward to every dog owner's co-operation in keeping Chapleau a clean, safe Community. Key Points to remember within the Township of Chapleau: Every person shall register or ensure registration has occurred of each dog owned by that person in the Township of Chapleau at the earlier of: the 1st of January in each year or within 15 days after acquiring ownership of the dog. No person shall own or possess more...
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