Township of Chapleau
Handi Transit Users
Handi Transit Users
Posted: Dec 20, 2022
The Corporation of the Township of Chapleau wishes to remind Handi-Transit users to be mindful of time when calling for a pick up, especially if you have an appointment. The service provides transit for the entire community, therefore there are multiple pick-ups and drop-offs throughout the hours of operation. Please be punctual for your pick up as the bus has a schedule to follow. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
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Attention Snowmobilers - Halfway Haven
Attention Snowmobilers - Halfway Haven
Posted: Dec 19, 2022
Halfway Haven business located on the Top D trail will not be in operation for the 2022-2023 winter season, however, the Clubs will continue with maintaining the trails for this coming season. The significance of this is that there will be no fuel availability on the OFSC prescribed Top D trail between Goulais River (south of Searchmont) and Wawa/Chapleau. We encourage snowmobile riders to plan accordingly and always refer to the OFSC Interactive Guide (ITG) for trail statuses.
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NOTICE: Water Bleeders/By-Passes
NOTICE: Water Bleeders/By-Passes
Posted: Dec 14, 2022
The Township of Chapleau requests that homeowners TURN ON THEIR WATER BLEEDERS/BY-PASSES to prevent freezing.  This especially applies to residences that are prone to freezing.  Households/dwellings that do not have a bleeder/by-pass should keep a steady trickle of cold water running at an inside faucet.
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Notice to Dog Owners
Notice to Dog Owners
Posted: Dec 12, 2022
Council encourages walking as a healthy life style and looks forward to every dog owner's co-operation in keeping Chapleau a clean, safe Community.
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